How to rent the Acro-longe Structure

The longe is stored in Nijmegen; Netherlands at Hugo Hanssen's.
The Longe can be build as a single portal or as a triple; have a look at the photo's.

The single longe can also be used for trapeze, tissue, rope or other airial acrobatics.
In the triple lunge only one of the portals can be used for that. (maximal static load 10kN of 1000kg).

The triple longe is not rented out without accompaniment because of the complexity of the build-up.

The rental is subject to conditions and with a deposit.
It can be picked up by appointment.
A little trailer is available.
The longest parts are 2.3m.

The standard rental contribution fully benefits the maintenance or renewal of the longe.
The rental price of the single longe is 40 €, the triple is 100€ per day.
Delivery and set-up is also possible, for a fee and only after consultation.
I can also do instructional lessons and workshops.

Below is the request form for renting the longe:
Part of it is in dutch, please leave blank if unsure and contact us via the contactform.